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Investment and asset management in Cambodia

Cambodia has been noticed as an investment destination in recent years due to its remarkable economic growth. In many countries, real estate transactions are dominated by the local currency, but in Cambodia, US dollars are accepted. By opening a US dollardenominated bank account, you can further manage your assets with high-interest rate time deposits.

The most common way to invest in Cambodian real estate is to purchase the entire building or separate units. In Cambodia, foreigners are not constitutionally allowed to own land. Therefore, it is often thought that investment in land is not possible. However, there is an exception that if Cambodian capital is 51%, ownership is permitted. In addition, the new Trust Law that came into effect in 2019 allows foreigners to purchase land in Cambodia through trust companies. We support both individuals and corporations with trust procedures that enable them to invest in Cambodian land.

For owners of Cambodian real estate, we provide consultation on leasing and sale, interior work, property management, etc. In rental management, we accept tenant recruitment, move-in / out procedures, emergency response, multilingual creation support for contract documents, etc..

We have acquired a Cambodian real estate license, and based on the appropriate information available from our professional staff who have a Cambodian real estate appraisal qualification and a Japanese real estate transaction agent license, we are able to handle carefully selected properties, and provide easy-to-understand explanations about differences in laws and procedures in real estate transactions with Japan. We will endeavor to provide safe transactions based on legal grounds, which cooperate with lawyers and tax counselors from each country and make appropriate proposals.

Business Expansion into Cambodia

Cambodia, especially the capital of Phnom Penh, is home to a surprisingly large number of multinational companies and people from many different countries. In Cambodia, 100% foreign capital is allowed to establish a company. and there are almost no restrictions on remittances abroad, making it easy for foreign companies to enter the country. Corporate bank accounts can be opened in US dollars, and most business transactions can be settled in US dollars, thus reducing foreign exchange risk.

We provide various support services such as registration of individual business and establishment of a new corporation; information on real estate properties such as office, corporate housing, and properties with business; securing of human resources, research, legal and tax affairs, and local contracts on behalf of our client.

In addition, in order to provide a place where those who find Cambodia appealing and opportunities can start their businesses with peace of mind, we operate shared offices that incorporate incubation functions specializing in business operations, such as establishment support and representation, expert advice on tax, accounting, and legal matters, labor management, and business matching. Cambodia We can also provide you with information on local customs in Cambodia, the role of each government agency, interpretation, and unique local circumstances.

Cambodia life support

Living in a foreign country with different culture, language, and customs can be very challenging. We provide all kinds of support from finding a condominium, renting, or buying a house. Other services we have are interpretation, car arrangement, and visa assistance. We assist our clients with everything they need, providing fully integrated, meticulous support to customers’ individual circumstances and the challenges they face. We are here to help you with the initial steps to getting established here in Cambodia such as getting a phone number, utility bills payment,send/receive international parcels, and bank account-related issues. Our property management also includes regular ventilation and cleaning while you're away, various payment services, mail storage, and consultation on other matters such as cars and pets.

Our social media provides the latest news and useful information about Cambodia. In our online seminars, we can directly tell you about the attractions of Cambodia and provide you with individual consultations. We hope that as many people as possible will visit Cambodia to see and feel the dynamism and real investment, business, and living environment of Cambodia. In the case of site visits, we can plan a site visit for each group, whether individual or corporate, according to your objectives. We can also provide business training and accompany interviews. Once you visit, your image of Cambodia will change dramatically. If you are unable to visit Cambodia, we also offer a variety of services that can be completed without the need for travel.