LIA JC GLOBAL Co., Ltd will comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and related laws and regulations, make all employees aware of its importance and make efforts, and properly manage customer’s personal information in accordance with this privacy policy.

Definition of Personal Information

We define personal information as information about living individuals that can identify a specific individual by name, date of birth, or other description. Includes information that can be easily matched to other information, thereby identifying a particular individual.

Appropriate acquisition of personal information

We will not acquire personal information by improper means, except when permitted by law, and approval from customers beforehand as a condition for obtaining personal information.

The purpose of using personal information

We use personal information for the following purposes. If we use personal information for purposes other than the following, we will ask for the consent of the customer in advance.

  1. Providing service and information related to real estate properties, brokerage, sales, etc.
  2. Office work related to real estate transactions, performance and management of contracts, and provision of information and services related to these
  3. Introduction of products and services handled by our company, and provision of information and services
  4. Proposal and execution of application procedures, examination procedures, contract procedures, after-sales follow-up from customers in the products and services handled by the Company.
  5. Sales activities and marketing activities for providing proposals, information and services from our company
  6. When disclosure is required for the protection of human life, body or property and in accordance with laws and regulations
  7. All acts related to the above purpose of use


When we use personal information, we may outsource the business for the purposes described above. When outsourcing business, we will disclose only the information necessary for each outsourced business and appropriately supervise the handling of personal information at the outsourced company.

Handling of personal information at linked sites

We are not responsible for the collection of personal information linked from our website. Please use at your own discretion.

Suspension / correction / deletion of personal information

We will respond to requests for disclosure, correction, suspension of use, etc. of your personal information within a reasonable range only if we can confirm with you.

Inquiries about the personal information

For inquiries regarding our handling of personal information, please contact us from this page.


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