The most popular form for foreign corporations and foreigners to enter Cambodia is the establishment of a local corporation. We mainly support the establishment of the most common [private limited company].

The flow of establishing a private limited company

1.Contact us

If you decide to expand into Cambodia, please contact us from our website or LINE. After hearing, we will confirm the existence of the license and make a quotation.

2.Determination of company information

Please decide the company information such as shareholders, trade name, capital, business content, company location, etc., and fill in the application form to be sent. Please prepare the passports of representatives, shareholders, and directors and return them to us.

3.Payment of establishment support fee

Please transfer the establishment support fee.

4.Reservation of company name

Inquire to the Ministry of Commerce whether the trade name (company name) can be registered in Cambodia and obtain a reservation for the trade name. The reservation is valid for 3 months.

5.Commercial registration application

Based on the documents and company information you have prepared, we will apply for commercial registration to the Ministry of Commerce.

6.Confirmation of articles of incorporation   ※Mail required

We will send you the articles of incorporation by email. After confirming the contents, we will ask for the signatures of all directors and shareholders. The original will be mailed to you.

7.Registration completed

When registration is complete, an email will be sent directly from the Ministry of Commerce to the specified email address. The list will be reported from the Ministry of Commerce to the Ministry of Labor.

8.Tax registration   ※Travel required

The representative goes to the tax office and registers the tax. A signature and thumbprint are required. We will pick you up at the airport and attend and pick you up during the tax registration process.
※Due to Covid-19 measures, travel is not required as it is registered online as of August 2021.

9.Visit of tax bureau staff

Tax bureau staff will visit the office in about 10 days to 2 weeks. Please prepare a desk, etc. to prepare the office environment. The witness on the day can be handled by us, so the witness of the representative is optional.

10.Issuance of registration documents

After completing tax registration, the Ministry of Commerce will issue a registration certificate, articles of incorporation, company seal, and the Tax Bureau will issue a registration certificate, patent number certificate, and VAT certificate. We will pick it up on your behalf and store it until your next travel.

11. Opening a corporate account   ※Travel required

Within two weeks after completing tax registration, open a corporate bank account and register with the Tax Bureau. To open it, you need the representative, the certificates issued by the Ministry of Commerce and the Tax Bureau, and the Articles of Incorporation. We will pick you up at the airport and attend and pick you up when you open a corporate account. When the account registration is completed, the corporation establishment procedure is completed.

Private limited company establishment support
  ・For individual shareholders $ 3800
  ・For corporate shareholders $ 4800

Applying for a foreign work permit

In order for foreigners to work in Cambodia, it is required by law to obtain a work permit. You may be able to work if you have a business visa, but in reality, you need a work permit and an employment card with a business visa. For foreign employees, the employment card and work permit are the same cards.

After the establishment of the corporation, an employment book and employment card will be provided to local employees, and an employment card will be provided to foreign employees. We provide an application agency service.

◆[Work permit and Employment card] Application or renewal $ 350 / person

About license application

Apply to the regulatory agency for the license required by the industry. Judgment criteria regarding the type of industry and form for which an individual license is required and the procedure for acquisition are stipulated by the ministerial ordinances and notifications of each ministry and agency. Therefore, the time required for acquisition and the difficulty level will differ. The following is an example of a typical license.

IndustrySupervising ministriesremarks
restaurantMinistry of TourismWith examination
GuesthouseMinistry of TourismWith examination
HotelMinistry of TourismWith examination
Educational institutionMinistry of Education, Youth and SportsWith examination
Travel agencyMinistry of TourismDeposit required
Real estate service industryMinistry of Economy and FinancePolice certificate
Insurance broker businessMinistry of Economy and FinancePolice certificate
Customs clearanceGeneral Bureau of Customs and Consumption TaxNeed a customs clearance expert
Transportation industryMinistry of Public Works and TransportVehicle registration is also required
Clinic, hospitalMinistry of Public HealthRepresentative is Cambodian nationality required
A law officeLawyers AssociationRepresentative is Cambodian nationality required
Overseas dispatch businessMinistry of Labor and Vocational TrainingRepresentative is Cambodian nationality required  

In Cambodia, it is not uncommon for information six months ago to be out of date. In particular, information related to government agencies has a time lag before it is announced, and it is often said that it has changed if you notice it. In many cases, it is not posted on the official website, so we always try to keep you informed of the latest information by contacting related organizations.

In Cambodia, it is difficult to proceed during the New Year holidays in April and the Obon festival (Pchum Ben Day) in September. In addition, there are cases where necessary documents are added due to law revisions and system revisions, and the guideline period is significantly delayed. It is easy to imagine that the official application fee will increase and the procedure will become stricter in the future. We recommend that you start early with plenty of time for the application period.