In Cambodia, one of the application documents for corporate registration is an “Office Lease Agreement”. Unless you own your own real estate, you must sign an office rental contract before applying for incorporation. And even though it is before the incorporation application, it is the first long-term contract, not a one-time contract.

“We want to start a new business in a new country with a minimum of fuss and worry.” We are operating a new multifunctional shared office that responds to such voices.

New shared office space packed with customer needs

Cambodia’s economy is growing rapidly, so speed is important in business. There is therefore high demand for shared office space, which can be started small with a low initial capital investment. However, even if you are ready for office functions, starting a business in an unfamiliar country can often be confusing due to cultural, linguistic and customary differences. If it is in another country, it is even more likely to be unpredictable, and then there may be many choices to make in order to expand offices and secure personnel to be placed there as the business expands.

In Cambodia, regardless of the size of the company, there are monthly and annual declarations and procedures that must be completed. Understanding business practices and laws requires specialist knowledge, and what is easy in your home country can be time-consuming if you don’t know who to ask for help.

For this reason, we have created a new shared office based on the feedback we have received from our many clients. We provide a safe place to start a business for those who find Cambodia appealing and an opportunity by incorporating incubation functions specialising in practical matters such as establishment support and representation, expert advice on tax, accounting and legal matters, labour management and business matching into a service share office that offers value-added services.

Key points of our shared offices

1. Easy to forecast business prospects

Unless you own real estate, you need to sign an ‘office lease’ to have your incorporation documents ready. Therefore, many people visit a real estate agency to look for a property. As this is the first contract for the start of a business and it is not a one-off contract, they carefully consult with the real estate agent to decide on the area and size of the property.At that time, we will also ask you how long you have been preparing to open your business and what your future plans are, and explain the procedures you can expect to have to follow in the future. In addition, if the address is to be used as a registered corporate address, the rent is always subject to monthly taxes, so care must be taken when drafting the rental agreement.

2. Explanation of the contractual documents in English

We provide rental contracts in both Khmer and English. We also explain Cambodian business practices and taxation in advance so that you can sign the contract with peace of mind. After establishment and during preparation for business, even if you are away or temporarily back home, you can contact us in English and make use of our office functions remotely.

3. Reduced advance preparation

After the application for incorporation, the tax office will visit the office and check the office in person. At this time, you have to prepare the interior work as well as the equipment for an office, including desks and chairs. With our shared office space, you don’t have to make those arrangements. And you can use the shared space only when you need it for meetings or visitors. This reduces the travel and empty rent associated with preparation.

4. No need to rush to employment

By utilising our full range of office service functions, you can reduce the need to employ reception, cleaning and security staff for your company’s office operations. During the busy start-up period, you can spend more time dealing with staff dedicated to your own operations.

5. Full post-establishment services

Our shared office focuses on practical services such as establishment support, expert advice on tax, accounting and legal matters, labour management and business matching to ensure that your business can proceed smoothly. While developing a business in Cambodia, it can be time-consuming to know who to talk to about things that are easy in your home country. In such cases, we have lawyers, tax accountants, accountants and other professionals and business interpreters in the same office, so you can consult with them without having to go out of the office.

5. Location in Chamkarmon

Our shared offices are located in Chamkarmom, which has the highest number of corporate registrations and commercial outlets in Phnom Penh. The district’s high profile makes it easy to find candidates for future business sales, etc., and also expands the options for finding office and retail space in the district for relocations due to business expansion.

Office type

All our shared office types are available for corporate registration. Electricity and WiFi costs are included in the monthly fee. Offices are available from 8:00-18:00, Monday to Saturday, excluding Sundays and public holidays.

Room type: from $550/month (excluding tax)

Desk type: from $350/month (excluding tax)

About the contract

1.Initial costs

The only cost required when signing a contract is a deposit of [1+”1 month’s monthly rent x number of years of contract”], starting from 2 months minimum, depending on the number of years of the contract. The deposit is refundable at the end of the contract if the property is not restored to its original condition.

2. Contract period

The minimum contract length is one year.

3. Payment method

Payment can be made in cash at our reception or by transfer to our bank account. Monthly rent is invoiced and sent to you on the 1st of each month (tax invoice). Our shared offices are paid on a monthly basis to facilitate compliance with Cambodia’s monthly tax returns. The first rent must be paid before the move-in date and is calculated on a pro-rata basis for the month you move in and the month you move out.

Office service details

Our shared office services are listed below. Other services after incorporation are available separately. Please contact us for details.

Services included in monthly feeCharged optional services
Office furniture and air conditioningBlack & white and color printing
Electricity and waterData scanning
Use of meeting roomsPostal delivery service
Use of common areas and smoking areasOffice café
Mail receiving serviceBusiness interpreters
Legal, tax and labour adviceIncorporation support