We provide various support for owners of Cambodian real estate.

Property handover

We will witness the handover of the property on behalf of the owner who has difficulty traveling to the site at the time of handover. On the day of handover, our staff will visit you to perform various procedures, receive keys, check the current status of the property, and take a photo. We will prepare a report for our customers and inform them of the situation. A power of attorney is required when making a request.

■ Cost: $ 400 / case

Interior and other construction arrangements

We will make arrangements with a local construction company for customers who want to modify skeleton properties and interiors, corporations who want to do construction on tenants and office properties, and those who want to do small-scale construction such as repairs.

We will support you so that you can proceed with the construction with peace of mind even when you are away from the site by mediating contact including an interpreter, negotiating, and reporting the progress with photos.

■ Cost: 10% of the construction cost  ※Min $ 100 / case

Furniture home appliances purchase agency

We can handle purchase agency, delivery, assembly, and installation according to the owner’s request. When working indoors, it is necessary to witness or hand over the key to us.

■ Cost: Furniture home appliances price + our agency fee
*Our agency fee: $ 100 for 1 – 5 points, $ 200 for 6 – 10 points, $ 300 for 11 points or more

Long-term absent property management

If the owner who owns the property as a residence or villa is temporarily returning to your country or is away for a long period of time, we will perform regular security checks, ventilation, and mail storage for the property.

For indoor management, it is necessary to hand over the key to us. In addition, we also accept consultations on behalf of payment of management fees, insurance premiums, taxes, etc., as well as on behalf of cars, pets, and repairs that you want to request while you are away.

■ Cost: $ 100 / month

Vacancy property management

We will check the period of vacancy until the property is rented and the resident is decided, regular ventilation and cleaning, whether there is a problem with the equipment, and whether there is any trouble in crime prevention due to the vacancy. We will keep a situation that you can move in at any time.

■ Cost: $ 100 / month

Rental service

We are looking for tenants when renting a property. We will guide you through the preview, and once you have decided on a resident, we will act on your behalf to assist you in the procedure for concluding a rental contract, handing over keys, and providing information on room facilities.

■ Cost: One month’s rent as an intermediary fee only when a contract is concluded

Rental property management

Includes interpretation and translation in any language of the resident, such as responding to inquiries from residents who are occupying, direct visits when rent is unpaid, and responding to repairs and troubles.

■ Cost: $ 150 / month

Rental move-out support

After the resident has moved out, we will clean the property, dispose of the residue, clean, and inspect the equipment and facilities.

■ Cost: $ 380 / case

Property sale support

We will attract customers to the owners who will let go of the property and will provide total support from sales contracts, lawyer arrangements, registration transfer procedures.

■ Cost: 3% of the selling price at the time of contract

Emergency trouble support

If it is difficult for the customer to solve the problem, such as sudden rain leaks, water leaks, malfunctions of home appliances such as air conditioners, or crime prevention troubles, we will rush to provide first aid and contact appropriate related parties on your behalf.

■ Cost: $ 40 / case

In addition, we accept consultations on moving, disposal of furniture and home appliances, remodeling, various procedures, etc.