We offer a variety of services for owners of residential properties in Cambodia.

Property handover

We will witness the handover of the property on behalf of the owner who has difficulty traveling to the site at the time of handover. On the day of the handover, our staff will go to the site and check the property in detail according to the inspection list. We will confirm the current condition of the property, take photos, and report back to the owner. A letter of attorney is required for this service.

■ $ 400 / case

Interior and other construction arrangements

We can arrange local companies for owners who want to own empty properties, add interior decoration, create store or office space, do small-scale work like repairs, and so on. We handle the contact and negotiations, including interpretation, and provide progress reports with photos. This allows us to proceed with the work even when the owner is not at the site.

■ 10% of the construction cost, min $ 100 / case

Furniture home appliances purchase agency

We can handle purchase agency, delivery, assembly, and installation according to the owner’s request. When working indoors, it is necessary to witness or hand over the key to us.

■ Furniture home appliances price + our agency fee:10% of purchase price, min $ 30

Rental agency service

If the owner wishes to rent the property, we will act as an intermediary. If it is a property purchased from another company, we will check the rules of use and regulations of the property.

  • Tenant Recruitment
  • Introduction of the property and invitation to view
  • Support for preparation of rental contracts
  • Support for concluding lease contracts
  • Explanation of important matters
  • Handover of keys
  • Confirmation of list of items before moving in
  • Explanation of facilities

■ One month’s rent as a brokerage fee only when a contract is signed.

Rental property management service

Total support from move-in to move-out, regardless of the language of the tenants.

  • Responding to inquiries from tenants
  • Responding to repairs and problems
  • Contact and response from property management companies
  • Directly visit tenants when rent is not paid
  • Contacting and reporting to the owner
  • Purchase of additional or replacement furniture and appliances on behalf of the owner
  • Management of utility bill payments
  • Support for issuing receipts
  • Payment of property tax on behalf of the owner
  • Witness inspection and simple cleaning when moving out
  • Monthly report to the owner

■ 10% of 1 month’s rent / month

Move-out cleaning service

We clean the rooms after the tenants move out and prepare the rooms for the next tenants to view.

  • Linen cleaning
  • Disposal of leftover materials
  • Air conditioner cleaning
  • Cleaning of wet areas
  • Cleaning of ventilation fans
  • Cleaning of furniture and appliances
  • Wall cleaning
  • Report after cleaning

■ For subscribers to rental property management service $100, one-time request available $380 / case

Vacancy property management service

This prevents the room from deteriorating until a new tenant is chosen. It is also important to check that there are no security problems. We will keep the room ready to be viewed by new tenants at any time.

  • Open windows to change the air.
  • Cleaning as needed
  • Inspect equipment
  • Flush faucets and toilets
  • Respond to repairs for defects
  • Check security and locks
  • Check around entrances, remove flyers, etc.

■ 5% of 1 month’s rent / month

Long-term absent property management

If the owner goes back to his/her country temporarily or is away for a long period of time, we will manage the room by adding the following to our vacant property management service.
We will maintain the room so that it is comfortable from the day you return. For indoor management, you will need to hand over the keys to our company. Outside only is also possible.

  • Mail storage
  • Payment of fees and taxes on the owner behalf
  • Safety check of your car
  • Handling repairs in your absence (on request)
  • Feeding of pets (on request, if available)

■ $ 100 / month

Property sale support

We mediate the sale of properties. We provide total support from attracting customers, sales contract procedures, arranging lawyers, paying taxes, to registration transfer procedures.

■ Cost: 3% of resale price at the time of closing

Emergency trouble support

Regardless of whether you have been using any of our management services on an ongoing basis or not, if you have a sudden problem that you cannot solve by yourself, we will come to you.
We will take first aid and contact the appropriate authorities on your behalf. Please contact us first if you have any questions about leaks, water leakage, problems with air conditioners or other appliances, security problems, accidents, or if you need an interpreter to help you solve a problem.

■ $ 50 / hour

In addition, we accept consultations on moving, disposal of furniture and home appliances, remodeling, various procedures, etc. Please feel free to contact us for more information.