You can open a bank account without traveling

At ACLEDA Bank in Cambodia, you can open a bank account by mail. From the application to the actual use of the account, everything is completed by mail, so you can have an overseas account denominated in US dollars while you are in Japan. Debit cards that can be selected from world brands can be withdrawn at ATMs in Japan. You can check your balance and remittance anywhere with Internet banking, and if you use high interest rate time deposits, you can manage your assets in US dollars with an annual interest rate of up to 6% or more.

What is ACLEDA Bank?

ACLEDA Bank is the largest commercial bank in Cambodia and the only bank listed on the Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX). Japanese companies such as Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation and ORIX are also shareholders. There are more than 250 stores in Cambodia and we are expanding overseas. Currently, only ACLEDA Bank can open an account by mail in Cambodia. The currencies handled by ACLEDA Bank are Cambodian Riel, US Dollar, and Thai Baht, and the tools are Internet banking and mobile banking.

International brand debit card

You can choose your favorite international brand from 3 types of debit cards of ACLEDA Bank: VISA / MasterCard / JCB. Since ACLEDA Bank has a business alliance with JCB as a member store, you can also choose a JCB debit card that is familiar in Japan. You can withdraw local currency at ATMs around the world, and use it for everyday shopping, restaurants, and online shopping. You can also check your balance and withdraw money at Seven Bank ATMs in Seven-Eleven of Japan.

ACLEDA VISA / Mastercard Debit Card

Minimum deposit100USD20,000USD20,000USD
Annual fee6USD66USD250USD
Overseas ATM fees4USD + 1% of transaction amount4USD + 1% of transaction amount4USD + 1% of transaction amount
Maximum number of times per day25times/day25times/day25times/Day
Daily usage limit10,000USD/day20,000USD/day30,000USD/day

※As of August 2021


Minimum deposit100USD
Annual fee6USD
Overseas ATM fees4USD+1% of transaction amount
Maximum number of times per day25times/day
Daily usage limit10,000USD/day

※As of August 2021

3 types of time deposits to choose from

At ACLEDA Bank, you can choose your favorite time deposit from the following three types. The minimum deposit is $ 500 for both. Even if you cancel the contract in the middle, you will not be charged a separate fee. In that case, the ordinary deposit interest rate will be applied.


  • 3 months : 1.50%
  • 6 months: 2.75%
  • 12 months : 4.50%
  • 24 months: 4.75%


  • 3 months : 1.25%
  • 6 months: 2.50%
  • 2 months : 4.25%
  • 24 months : 4.50%


  • 36 months: 5.25%
  • 48 months: 5.75%
  • 60 months : 6.25%

※As of October 2021

Details of accounts that can be opened by mail

Basically, we will open the following account. Other conditions can be accepted upon request.

Account typeSavings account
currencyUS Dollar
debit cardYou can choose from the following 3 types.
*All annual fees are $ 6 / year.
PassbookOnly 1 book
*The issuance fee is $ 3 for the first time only.
Time depositYou can apply after opening a savings account.
You can choose from all three types below when opening by mail.

*In case of opening by mail, apply for a fixed deposit via ACLEDA Bank’s mail system “Via Email”.
*The usage fee for “Via Email” is $ 2 each time.
toolOnly Internet banking is available for opening by mail.
Mobile banking will be set up at the ACLEDA Bank counter after you travel to the site.

※As of August 2021

Our support Content

We will support all processes in Japanese, from application to receipt of passbook / cash card and actual start of account use. We have an office in Phnom Penh with easy access to the headquarters of ACLEDA Bank, and we have Japanese staff. You can go directly to ACLEDA Bank without having to go through an agency, so if you have any questions or problems, please contact us and we will provide prompt and accurate support.

Our support Fee

To ensure that customers who are new to overseas bank accounts can rest assured, our support fee will be paid after the customer checked his/her account number. There is no additional cost with clear pricing.

Personal account $ 1100

Shared account $ 1300

*Included in the above amount

  • Certification fee in Cambodia
  • Initial deposit US $ 100
  • Application “Via Email”
  • Internet banking application
  • Shipping costs from Cambodia to Japan
  • Support fee in Japanese for one year after opening an account

*Not included in the above amount

  • Certification fee in Japan
  • Shipping costs from Japan to Cambodia

*Deducted from your account

  • Debit card annual fee ($ 6)
  • Passbook issuance fee ($ 3)

Residents of Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia are also eligible to apply. You can also open a corporate account. If you would like to open a corporate account, or if you would like to know more details, please contact us from here.

Application flow and our support

1Fill out application documentsThe application form at the time of opening an account will be in the format specified by ACLEDA Bank in Khmer and English. It also contains notes on holding an account, so you need to check it carefully in advance. We will prepare the form for you and you will be asked to fill in only the necessary sections.
2Prior confirmation of application formPlease send us a set of completed application documents by e-mail in advance. We will check for completeness.
3Obtaining a certification stamp at a notary public officeBring the application documents to the nearest notary public office and obtain a certification stamp certifying that the application is for you. We will prepare all the necessary documents and procedures. ※The certification fee will be borne by the customer.
4Mailing of documentsPlease mail the documents for which the certification stamp has been obtained to us. You can use EMS, DHL, etc. from the post office.
※Mailing costs will be borne by the customer
5Obtaining a certification stamp at a notary public office in CambodiaAfter the documents arrive at our company, we will obtain a certification stamp at the notary public office in Cambodia.
6Account opening procedureWe will open an account at ACLEDA Bank.
7Sending account informationAfter the account opening is completed, we will inform you of your account information.
8Payment of our support feeWe will send you an invoice, so please make a transfer.
9Receipt of passbook / cardAfter confirming payment, we will send your passbook and cash card to your home address.
10Internet banking settingsSet up your Internet banking.
11Post-opening supportWe will support you at any time for free for one year after opening an account. You can also open a time deposit account. It can be renewed for $ 100 from the next year onwards, but you can also choose the form you request each time.
12Mobile banking settingsIf you wish, you can set it at the ACLEDA Bank counter when you travel to the site. In that case, we will attend for free.

Handling after opening an account

After opening an account, you will continue to be charged an annual debit card fee of $ 6 / year. If you use “Via Email” to open or cancel a time deposit account, or change your registration information (address, email address, phone number, etc.), you will be charged $ 2 / time.

The bank will automatically deduct them from your account. In addition, withholding tax will be deducted when you receive interest. Therefore, the procedure for holding an account is not on the Cambodian side.

If you do not make any transactions for one year, your account will be frozen. In such a case, if you cannot use Internet banking, or if you have the wrong PIN and your account is locked, please contact the free support for the first year.

Also, if you have any requests such as adding a debit card or changing from a personal account to a shared name, please contact us first. We will do our best to accommodate you. We support the opening of various bank accounts locally, so please contact us if you have the convenience of traveling.