New car purchase support

Our company have partnered with an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer to provide free support to customers who wish to purchase a vehicle. We provide support in Japanese from interpreting for business negotiations and negotiations, preparing necessary documents, obtaining license plates, switching driver’s licenses, and delivering vehicles.

Our partner, Star Auto Cambodia Co., Ltd., has opened a large-scale exhibition hall where 36 types of models can be exhibited in the Khan Mean Chey, which connects Phnom Penh New Airport to the city of Phnom Penh.

Required documents

  • Passport
  • Address certificate
  • ID photo
  • Purchase costs

Purchase flow

  1. Select a car model in the showroom.
  2. Select specifications such as body color and accessories.
  3. Sign the purchase application and pay the purchase cost.
  4. Get the license plate.
  5. Pay car tax
  6. A vehicle registration card will be issued.
  7. Switch your Japanese driver’s license to a Cambodian driver’s license.
  8. The dealer will explain how to use the vehicle at the time of delivery.

Procedures while owning a vehicle

If you own a vehicle in Cambodia, a registration card will be issued and managed by data. Car tax is paid every year. There is also a car inspection system in Cambodia, and it will be four years later for new cars.

Switching driver’s license

You can switch your Japanese driver’s license in Cambodia. An international driver’s license is also valid, but it is easy to switch, so it is recommended that you obtain a Cambodian license.

Customers who purchase at our company will also support when switching licenses.

Required documents

  1. Japanese driver’s license
  2. Address certificate
  3. Passport and visa (business visa only)
  4. ID photo (4 x 6 cm, white or green background)
  5. Japanese driver’s license translation costs
  6. License switching fee $ 33 / person

Flow of license switching

  1. Have your Japanese driver’s license translated into English at the Japanese Embassy.
  2. Submit the required documents at the transport​​ department of Cambodia.
  3. If there is no congestion, switching will usually be completed in about 20 minutes.

Cambodia has dealers from all over the world, including Toyota and Honda in Japan. We can also support other types of vehicles and used vehicles. The used car market is also hot, and we can support not only purchase but also sale. Please contact us first.